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Portland OR. Gets Radd

"Getting real artsy with this promo shit"

- Fritz. Portland OR. Ambassador.

Boulder CO. Gets Radd

Southbend IN. Gets Radd

"Hey, If Angry Birds can Make it,

So Can We" - Nacho: ND Southbend Rep.

Seattle WA. Gets Radd

"I don't know if that's real. But I Do Know: Pace Is Real" - Jackson Boulder CO. Ambassador

"Don't believe the shit you see on the internet" - Matt: Seattle Ambassador

 Denver CO. Gets Radd

Ellensburg WA. Gets Radd

"Just a Night Cap"- Wiley: Ellensburg Ambassador

WSU Pullman WA. Gets Radd.

Houston TX Gets Radd

"Don't quote me, Cause I aint said shit" - Asa: Pullman Ambassador

Clearwater Beach FL. Gets Radd

"Yea, I'll Do It. Yea, I'm 76."

  -Judy: Clearwater FL. Ambassador

New Orleans Gets Radd

WHO DAT Driving Drunk? Noooo Body That's Who.

- Andrew NO Ambassador

San Francisco Gets Radd

Westminster CO

Louisville. Arvada. Longmont. Liitleton. Golden.CO

" The Highest Form of Flattery is Imitation, Unless it is of Myself, then it's Even Higher.

- Tyler SF Ambassador

Sacramento Ca

"Indeed" - Sherman: Sacramento, Denver and  


Carlsbad CA

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