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Get Hype. Get R.a.d.d.

     – Jackson Stewart Founder of R.a.d.d


Hear this story out: 

  Summer of 2011, that summer was partying and dish-washing.I was getting a ride home, the driver had.18 BAC and was rolling hard.  And then we ran into a fir tree.

  I was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.The airlift thought I was not going to make it to the hospital.My skull was smashed open; the surgeons had to pick tree trunk out of my head.

   For 21 days I was deep in a coma. Then Iwoke, when I did I was seriously out of it...I was unable to walk, talk, swallow, shit, or use my hands.

   I heard a lot of: your life can’t be the same as others. I thought: "Yeah, you're right, it won't be the same". 

   I heard “You should take one class at this community college”. Bull Shit. I enrolled a full course load at University of Washington.

  I have heard: “this is too hard for you, you need to understand your limitations” Bull Shit. I am smart and hard working and good for the world, and I will prove it.

  I remember lying in my hospital bed, friends visiting. I heard a lot of: “we should have known” or “if we only had known”. So what if we would have known? Imagine if there was a reminder all around the party… I see a lot of negativity used in campaigns like ours.     Bull Shit 

   I thought: Why isn't there some cool ass program to try to reduce driving drunk?

  I knew I had to create an effective movement to mitigate driving drunk. Radd's approach is effective.

  Radd spreads the reminder message: "against driving drunk" in an approachable-memorable-embraced way. People enjoy partying, a message against partying is not effective. Driving Drunk and Partying do Not Have to Mix...


 Our positive and humorous stickers are put-on and then against-driving-drunk becomes a social-norm. Against Driving Drunk is put-on within the actual environment where it takes place. 


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