Nascar Dec19
Reference: Katelyn Larson Shotgunning Beer at Nashville Nascar was called a Legend.
Pulp Dec19
Reference: Pulp Fiction
Jesus Supper Dec19
Reference: Jesus-Christ Super-Star, I mean, Supper Star, I mean, the Last Supper.
Jesus Story Dec18
Reference: Edgy
Jesus Rise Dec17
Reference: He's getting back up to dance.
Git R Done Dec19
Reference: Larry the Cable Guy.
Aliens Dec19
Reference: Criticized History Channel Ancient Aliens Special.
Friday Night Lights Dec19
Reference: Quote from Friday Night Lights Show. Really Goes "don't Lose" but I did "Usually Win" because eventually a lot of people have clear eyes and full hearts and winning is a lot of luck (good preparation)
Transport Nov19
Reference: Transgender Track Athletes.
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