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4 Store Pack

  • Types of stores: Medium pace restaurants like Taco,pizza,gyro,sushi,sub,icecream … thrift shop…. Smoke shop… liquor store… any store that you really want to do… near a college oor hs usually...
  • Avoid laundry mat… avoid corporate gas stations circle K etc… (711 is exception, they are really good actually)
  • Bars:  these can go well, if the manager really likes it, and is OK with potential risk of the stickers being stuck in the bathroom or tables.
  • Need to speak to the manager when asking to set them up… good hours  to reach managers are 11am-5pm…
  • Something like: “This is the Against Driving Drunk program.   We advertise the AgainstDrivingDrunk Reminder.

We do that with our stickers, they are free to you and to the customer.   They are bar humor, TV show and music themed…   we have them in the stand and where they are seen they are taken…  We originated in college towns in Colorado, Arizona, and California…”

  •  We may have a restock program… to order materials for a restock within 6 weeks.
  • Take pictures of store inside wide view, and post to IG tag raddrunning.   Thanks for being a comRAD -J RADDDDDD

4 Store Pack too get Your City RADDDDD Terrorism

    ocargue RE 25x35 aug18 .jpg
    litAR ap19.jpg
    homewardAR1 feb19.jpg
    butt pilot 2x3 oct20.jpg
    reindeer skin AR feb21.png
    lyles AR aug23.jpg
    borat re 3x3 aug23.jpg
    santa dope 19 RE.jpg
    yesterday3x2 ap19.jpg
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