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AgainstDrivingDrunk Ambassador

How To Make A Good Store

AgainstDrivingDrunk will provide the ambassador with stickers and the future opportunity for more pay and to work more closely as a representative.

                            Ambassador commitment:

 Distribute Stickers and represent AgainstDrivingDrunk throughout your city.

  Ambassador commitment:
1.Ambassador distributes  stickers to stores.
AgainstDrivingDrunk Sticker Box Layout: (2-3 designs. 200-500 of each. Total of around 1000 stickers.)
2. Commitment of at-least 10 stores a week.
3. Commitment of at-least 1 full month.


   Ambassador agrees to take  Promo Pics and Short Videos of Stores/ in-city.

Ambassador Job Description

Mara: RaddxArlingtonTX.  


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